COVENANT UNIVERSITY! Oyedepo sacks Registrar over sex scandal

Bishop David Oyedepo, the Chancellor of Covenant University, has reportedly sacked the Registrar, Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo over his widely publicised sex scandal with a female student.

OyedepoOyedepo announced to the students that there was no more Registrar for the school and strongly cautioned the students against having an “Intimacy ally.”

Oyedepo also forwarned the student saying whoever disobeys the school policies or misbehave will be sent out with ignominy.

In a viral audio clip, Oyedepo while addressing 100 and 200 level students said;

“When I cross out of the Covenant gate, I’m referred to as the Bishop of the Living Faith Church.

“But when I cross into the gate, I’m referred to as the Chancellor of Covenant University.

“From this day henceforth, no student, whether male or female, must be found having an intimacy ally.

“If you’re found, then you’re gone. We did not apply to you, you applied to us. I say, if you misbehave, you’ll be sent out with ignominy.

“Caution, caution, caution.

“Vice Chancellor, Dean Student Affairs, Registrar, oh, we don’t have a registrar at the moment. But I have spoken and this is law.”

This is coming after incriminating chats between a female student of Covenant University and the Registrar went viral on the internet.

The charts revealed that the Registrar desperately wanted the student to succumb to his advances.

One ex-student, Emmanuel Adooh, had alleged that the Registrar of the school sleeps with several female students and expels whoever refuses to accept his sexual advances.

In a lengthy Twitter post-Adooh claimed he was framed up by the Registrar and expelled from the school even though he had been a law-abiding student.

Meanwhile, two ladies, Omotayo Dada and Effanga Marilyn, who were also embroiled in the sex scandal saga released pieces of evidence against Adooh.

Adooh had reportedly been having sexual intercourse with Marilyn but denied the allegations to the school management.

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