Wedding Bells: Philanthropist Daniel Uchendu gives Daughter , Chinwe to Husband, Femi Yusuf Sanni

It is now confirmed that Philanthropist Daniel Uchendu’s youngest daughter, Chinwe will marry Femi Yusuf Sanni, a long time friend of his Daddy on January 3rd and 10th . The venue is the Danduko street, Nnewi, Anambra state, the first-ever wedding to take place in the Village. Our Correspondence captures the excitement in the camps of the two families

Invitation to Sir Daniel Uchendu’s wedding to Femi Yusuf Sanni Goes Viral, a news platform had posted shortly after the invitation to the marriage between Philanthropist Daniel Uchendu’s daughter, Chinwe, and Femi Yusuf Sanni was sent out. Of course, it is not unexpected that invitation to such grand event would trend for many reasons. In the last few days, reports had emerged that Chinwe, was set to marry Femi, a long time friend of her dad.he said

For one also, the high profile wedding, dubbed the ‘First Wedding’, which is schedule for January 3rd and 10th at the village in Anambra, will mark the first of its kind in the precincts of the seat of power.

Chinwe Joy uchendu graduated with a second class in International human resource management in November 2015 from Coventry University, London. She is passionate about developing her environment .

Femi provides financial leadership for many private and public companies both in Nigeria and abroad. He has worked with reputable companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) such as Nexus Financial Advisors. Upon his return to Nigeria, “Femi” as he is fondly called by his family.

Already the political atmosphere in Abuja and Anambra State are thrilling as people from diverse political leanings are commenting on the epic wedding and how the union would alter the political permutations in the state for the better.

The organisers of the wedding took note of the prevailing circumstance via the invite, indicating that they won’t allow a crowd, and pleaded for understanding.

We therefore use this medium to request you to bear witness of the matrimony as we also solicit for your prayers for the success of the occasion.”

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