”I will change my figure for any role” – Actor Funsho Adeolu

Nigerian film actor, producer and director, Adeolu Funsho, has opened up on the things he can do for a movie role. When asked if he can go nude for a movie role,

Adeolu FunshoHe said: ” I don’t think I can go nude for a movie role but I will change my figure for a role, I can only do anything honorable for a role.”

When asked if his level in the industry affects his commitment to the job, he said:

“No one is looking at level in the industry, I usually allow the director to direct and lead me no matter the position I have attained, when I feel challenged it makes me come out better.”

The actor who has been married for over nine years revealed during his interview segment with #TVCWakeupNigeria show that he spends lots of time talking and playing with his wife and kids.

Funsho has been one of the best Yoruba movie actors in the last 2 decades, not only has he been highly sought-after by movie directors and producers.

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