Navigating the Path to Unity: A Call for Cohesion and Accountability in Ogun State APC for the Betterment of All Citizens

In the realm of Ogun State politics, a discord among key figures within the All Progressives Congress (APC) has unfolded, threatening the party’s cohesion and electoral prospects. Notably, individuals like *His Excellency Dapo Abiodun,* *His Excellency Senator Gbenga Daniel,* *His Excellency Senator Ibikunle Amosun,* *Senator Adeola Solomon Yayi,* *Senator Lekan Mustapha* *Senator Tolu Odebiyi* and others, despite belonging to the same political entity, find themselves entangled in internal disputes. The repercussions of these conflicts have already manifested in the 2023 gubernatorial election, particularly in Ogun East, where a staggering 90% loss was incurred.

The urgency to address these internal divisions stems from the understanding that a fragmented APC jeopardizes its standing against opposition forces.

A call to action is essential, urging political gladiators to set aside personal interests and sentiments for the collective goal of building a robust party that can withstand electoral challenges.

The call extends to party followers as well, cautioning against misguided advice fueled by selfish motives. The appeal is clear: politics should not be a ‘do or die’ affair. Rather, it should be a platform for advancing the welfare of citizens, fostering development, and implementing policies that enhance the overall well-being of the state.

At the heart of this plea is the recognition that, ultimately, it is the citizens who bear the brunt of political conflicts.

The ills of divisive politics translate into tangible losses for the state, and the resources spent on repairing the damages are drawn from public coffers. It is imperative to halt these political shenanigans and allow democracy to thrive.

Unity emerges as the linchpin for progress. A united APC in Ogun State is not only a prerequisite for effective governance but also a catalyst for development and economic growth.

The party’s leaders, including Prince Dapo Abiodun, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, and Senator Ibikunle Amosun, must prioritize the greater good, collaborate on governance issues, and pool their strengths for the advancement of Ogun State.

Accountability is paramount. Leaders should be accountable to the electorate, fulfilling promises made during campaigns. This accountability, coupled with a united front, will bolster the party’s credibility and, in turn, foster public trust.

Inclusivity should be a guiding principle, ensuring that the party’s decision-making processes are open to diverse perspectives. Establishing reconciliation committees within the party can provide a structured approach to addressing internal conflicts and promoting a harmonious atmosphere.

A responsible approach to communication is crucial. Inflammatory language and actions only serve to exacerbate tensions. Leaders should communicate responsibly, focusing on the issues at hand rather than engaging in personal attacks.

The vision for the party must extend beyond immediate gains. A long-term perspective will help navigate future electoral challenges, securing victories and consolidating the party’s influence in Ogun State.

Engaging the youth is pivotal. Actively involving and mentoring young party members ensures the emergence of a new generation of leaders committed to unity and public service.

Finally, the harmonization of Ogun State APC is not only vital for local politics but contributes to the broader harmony and strength of the All Progressives Congress at the national level.

In conclusion, the path forward for Ogun State APC lies in unity, accountability, inclusivity, and a commitment to long-term goals. By embracing these principles, the party can not only weather internal storms but also emerge stronger and more resilient against external challenges. The citizens of Ogun State deserve a political landscape that prioritizes their well-being over personal ambitions, and it is through unity and collaboration that such a vision can be realized.

Written by Administrator Of Ogun Governance Focus,
Otutuloro Hassan Adisa Taiwo

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