Lady caught pants Down cheating inside a car with Lover (18+ Photo)

Two lovers who practically couldn’t find a room to enjoy themselves sexually were caught pants down having sex inside a car in a residential area.

According to reports, some of the residents noticed the unusual movement of the car that was parked in an isolated area along the street and decided to check out what was happening.

They were surprised to see the lovers having sex inside the car in broad daylight. The said lady is rumoured to be engaged and was seen in the act with her alleged lover. (This however is unconfirmed, but what stops a couple from going home to enjoy sex? Or maybe it was the heat at the moment.)


According to a Facebook user John who didn’t give the exact location of the incident, said both of them were embarrassed before they were chased away from the area.

While the internet is reacting to this photos, there are two different factions, Some are saying they have done nothing wrong to be shamed, others are saying it’s a shameful act.




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