Governor Dapo Abiodun: A friend of the West- Fulfilling Promises Made to The Good People of Ogun West

It’s so very difficult to find people who make promises and fulfill them, especially in the political setup. Our amiable, gentle, and people-loving governor, Prince (Dr) Dapo Abiodun, MFR, has once again demonstrated this rare character of making a pledge and fulfilling the same. He had promised that he will initiate new projects and continue with the existing ones, which he has achieved. He could be best described as a friend of the west.

For the first time in about a decade, projects are now being executed, completed and commissioned in Ogun West as against what had always been for a decade now. More recently, our cool-headed Governor commissioned the Fire station, trucks, and emergency personnel in the industrial cluster of Agbara.
Late last year, in December precisely, H.E. commissioned the Oke-Ola road in Imeko-Afon. Governor Abiodun also before then had fixed the Odo-Afa bridge which serves as a major link bridge connecting about 10 towns in Ipokia local government, which over time had caused travelers untold hardship, especially during the rainy season.

In the same Ipokia Local Government, Governor Abiodun is also billed to commission the Koko-Ilashe road when the APC gubernatorial campaign team visits at a later date. Prince Abiodun amongst the first project he embarked was the construction of a link road between Ota in Ogun state and Lagos State, by fixing the Ikola-Navy-Osi-Ota and AIT-Ota roads which now enables travelers to bypass the ever-busy Lagos-Ota-Abeokuta express and connect Ogun west more easily.

The man with the Midas touch, little words but visible impacts, Prince (Dr) Dapo Abiodun is also expected to commission the long-abandoned Ilaro-Owode road and Imasayi-Igan’koto roads in Yewa South Local Government and Yewa North Local Government Areas respectively. For the first time in numerous years, low-cost housing units are now being built in Ilaro for the affordability of low incoming earners, especially civil servants.

One of the landmark projects of this administration in the Yewa/Awori axis is the current upgrade and dualization of the 19.2km Agbara-Lusada-Atan road, domiciled in the Agbara industrial hub of the state and Nation at large. This will afford easy movements of goods produced in the Agbara industrial hub to Nigeria’s most populous and commercial city, Lagos, and the West African corridor through the Benin Republic. The construction of the road will also increase investors’ drive in Agbara and Igbesa Free Trade Zone to establish its base due to competitive advantage and incentives provided by the Ogun state government.

Beyond road infrastructure, Gov. Abiodun has also fixed tens to hundreds of blocks of classrooms in public primary and secondary schools and rehabilitated primary health care centers, which are equipped with medical utilities with a solar grid as an alternative source of energy, in almost all the wards in Yewa/Awori enclaves.

Let’s not also forget that upon assumption into office, the governor visited all the state-owned hospitals amongst which was the Ilaro state hospital, where he gave an order for the total facelift of the hospital building, which was eventually upgraded and equipped to 21st-century standard. The inner roads of the state hospital were also fixed within the shortest possible time.

Due to a joint agreement made by the Ogun state government and Lagos State Government through the Lagos-Ogun Joint Commission, the Blue Line Rail service will now be extended to Agbara. This initiative was initially designed to terminate at Okokomaiko but because of the foresighted nature of our Amiable Governor and the need to connect Ogun west to the economic live wire of the country, the governor was able to reach an agreement with Lagos State Government through the Lagos-Ogun Joint Commission.

Governor Abiodun himself has shown to be fair, just, and equitable as always promised. If he can make and fulfill his promises without reneging or finding excuses, then he can do better if allowed to serve another term. As it stands no Local Government Area in Ogun West is left behind in the remarkable achievement made by the Dapo Abiodun-led administration.
Prince (Dr) Dapo Abiodun has been tested and can be trusted and I believe he will deliver more.

by Olaolu Olabimtan, Hon. Commissioner Budget and Economic Planníng, Ogun State.

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