Gov. Ambode urges security agencies to outsmart criminals

Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode on Wednesday urged security agencies to take practical steps to be ahead of criminal elements and as well build on the successes recorded so far in making the State the safest in Africa.

Speaking at the 12th Town Hall Meeting on Security organised by the Lagos State Security Trust Fund (LSSTF), Governor Ambode said though the security agencies deserved commendations for their efforts in securing the State, but that more strategies and policies have to be adopted to outsmart hoodlums especially during the yuletide season as well as the electioneering period now that the country is approaching the general elections in 2019.

He said in the last few years, a lot of investment had been made in securing the State which had paid off, but that more investments needed to be made to further enhance the security architecture of the State.

According to him, “Has our investment paid off, I would say yes it has. Have we really invested enough in terms of security, the answer is no and the truth is it can never be enough and so it is not a matter of we are getting there but it is an everyday thing.

“As long as we want to go out in the night, as long as we want to enjoy Christmas and have night out, these other good guys (men of the underworld) are thinking about us and so we have to be two steps ahead of them all the time, in terms of strategy and reforms we need to make.

“So, obviously we need to think about how to outsmart them and believe me, this is their season and so we need to smart up and be vigilant and that is the message because they are not going to relent and again, election is coming and they can be easy tools; so we need to outsmart them,” Governor Ambode said.

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